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 +====== What is an "​FSR"​ and what does it do? ======
 +FSR is short for Fachschaftsrat,​ which is German for student representatives. As such, we represent the students'​ interests before the university and in its committees. As FSR ET/IT we represent all students of of department E which consist of anyone enrolled in Microelectronics and Microsystems,​ Information and Communication Systems, Information and Media Technologies,​ Communication and Information Systems, Electrical Engineering,​ Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Technomathematics. The student representatives consist of 12 members, elected by the department'​s students in May, as well as non-elected members. You do not have to be elected to be a part of the FSR!
 +We meet every second to third Wednesday and discuss the latest topics and issues revolving around the university and our department. If six or more members are present, a meeting is quorate. Non-elected members and guests are welcome to give input and take part in the discussions. ​
 +Twice a year, a plenary meeting is convened. On the meeting'​s date, all other lectures are cancelled and the department'​s students gather to be informed about the latest events, important future events and to bring forward concerns and questions of their own. You will receive an invitation via e-mail. It's always worth to show up!
 +We take care of regular events, like the student orientation at the start of each winter semester, but also several barbecues in the summer, a Christmas party and exciting field trips. We provide representatives for all the university'​s committees and talk to professors directly in case of problems.
 +For every of the different functions there are 1-2 members responsible:​
 +  * Chairman
 +  * Supervised Learning
 +  * Representatives in Committees (e.g. Studiendekanatsausschuss,​ Examination Board, Committee for Objections and Appeals, Student Parliament)
 +  * Orientation-Week'​s organization
 +  * Finances ​
 +  * Administration and technics
 +  * Public relations
 +  * Merchandise
 +  * Watering Plants
 +The current appointment can be seen on the [[Mitglieder|elected members list]].
 +====== Functions ======
 +The student representatives main function is to represent the students'​ interests.
 +====== Our Goals ======
 +    * Improve the teaching'​s quality
 +    * Facilitate studies
 +    * Improve your studying experience
 +    * Spread information
 +    * Represent students
 +    * Monitor AStA and StuPa
 +    * Represent our department'​s degree courses
 +    * Having fun :)
 +    * World Domination :))
 +====== Methods ======
 +===== Representation =====
 +  * Gathering information
 +    * from Students
 +    * from Studiendekanatsausschuss (SDA) and Examination Boards
 +    * from AStA, other student representatives,​ StuPa
 +  * and take action based on those information
 +    * talk to professors
 +    * SDA applications
 +    * arrange events
 +  * Maintenance and improvement of Course and Examination Regulations
 +  * Representation at the BundesFachschaftenTagung der Elektrotechnik (Federal Electrical Engineering Student Representatives Convention)
 +  * Display and representation of our degree courses on open day.
 +===== Service =====
 +  * WWW, Social Media, Stud.IP
 +  * Freshmen Orientation
 +  * Events(e.g. supervised learning, BBQ, field trips)
 +  * Plenary Meetings
 +===== Contribute =====
 +To accomplish the plethora of tasks we put ourselves up to, we're always looking for people to assist us and to contribute to our work.
 +There are several ways you can contribute:
 +  * An easy but very important way to contribute is to **tell us** about **pressing problems**, that you are unable to solve yourself. ​
 +  * You can become a **freelancer**,​ attend meetings as you see fit, assume a position or take part in organizing greater projects like the student orientation.
 +  * The Optimum being to **run for office** in the elections in May. As elected member you usually assume at least one position, attend meetings regularly, whereby you most likely will take on smaller "​jobs",​ e.g. talking to a professor, as well.
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