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Information for your Course of Studies, B.Sc. / M.Sc.

Statutes, Regulations, Curriculum

  • General Regulations, Examination Regulations and Curriculum, which were valid at the beginning of your studies, stay valid but may be object to updates. Automatic transition to more recent curricula or regulations will not occur.


  • Examination Registration:
    • register for exams here: Self Service (SOS)
    • consider the deadlines for registration
    • for repitition of failed exams, you are automatically enroled
    • when you register for an exam but do not sign off until the deadline, you have to pass this exam, even if it is an elective subject course
  • For appeals against exams, recognition of credits or other topics regarding exams are decided by the Examination Boards. Our representatives can be viewed here: Committee Work.
  • If you have questions or when problems occur, feel free to contact us.


  • At some point in your studies, you will need someForms from the Examination Office
  • Application forms for Bachelor-/Master-Thesis, your ECTS overview, certificate of study and similar documents are found at Self Service (SOS)



  • ECTS: „European Credit Transfer System“
  • ECTS credit points are used to estimate and compare workload for lectures/courses including preparation for their exams.
  • The grades for courses are weighted with their ECTS points to calculate the final grade of your studies - the more credit points a course has, the higher the influence on the final grade.
  • As a standard, when collecting 30 credit points per semester, the studies will be finished in the scheduled time (ger.: Regelstudienzeit). Yet, it is obligatory to complete the studies in double the amount of the Regelstudienzeit.
  • At the TUHH, bachelor studies are allocated 180 ECTS while master studies are allocated 120 ECTS points.
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