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 +===== evenING - The Company Contact Event =====
 +On a regular basis we organize company contact evenings in close co-operation with [[http://​hitech-hh.org/​|Verein der Hamburger Ingenieure der Elektro- und Informationstechnik (HITECH) e.V.]]. On these, we invite a company from the ET/IT sector to give a lecture on the company'​s activities as well as career possibilities. Afterwards there will be a get-together,​ featuring a sumptuous buffet, where you have the opportunity to socialize and establish contacts with the company'​s representatives in a casual environment. Naturally, the entire evening is completely free.
 +\\ \\
 +We will tell you which language the lecture will be held in. If you wish for a German lecture to be held in English, please request this in advance. Chances are that this is possible if requested in time. Also, all company representatives speak English.
 +^Past evenINGs^^
 +|SSW Trading| 2015|
 +|mgm technology partners| 2014|
 +| Dräger| 2014|
 +|STILL |2014|
 +|GE Germany |2013|
 +|mgm technology partners| 2013|
 +|Hamburg Energie |2012|
 +|Autoliv| 2012|
 +|IAT| 2012|
 +|Silver Atena|2011|
 +{{:​silveratena2011_1.jpg|evenING mit Silver Atena 2011}}
 +{{:​SilverAtena2011_2_small.jpg|evenING mit Silver Atena 2011}}
 +{{:​draeger1.jpg| evenING mit Dräger 2010}}
 +{{:​draeger2.jpg| evenING mit Dräger 2010}}
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