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 +====== News Archive SS16 ======
 +==== New Lecture: Security in Embedded Hardware====
 +This goes to all IIW and CS master students. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Ziener from the Institute of Embedded Systems holds the aforementioned lecture starting next semester. More information can be found on the [[https://​www.tuhh.de/​es/​embedded-systems-design/​teaching/​winter-term-20162017/​informationssicherheit-in-eingebetteten-systemensecurity-in-embedded-hardware.html|institute'​s website]].\\
 +==== Fachschaftsabend ====
 +We'd like to invite you to our Fachschaftsabend on October 13 from 17:00 in the LuK. The Fachschaftsabend is a get-together for students of our department.\\
 +==== Excursion to NXP's semiconductor factory; Tue Sep 27. ====
 +On September 27, we invite you to an excursion to NXP for a tour through their semiconductor factory. The tour will be available in English. You can sign up under https://​fsr-etit.de/​nxp. The spots are limited, so don't hesitate too long!
 +We meet at 12:30 in front of building E, northern entrance, or you may come directly to the NXP factory'​s main entrance, Stresemannallee 101, at 13:45. The tour will start at 14:00 and last about four hours. \\
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