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 +**Level of qualification:​** Bachelor \\
 +**Lecturer:​** Christina Brzuska \\ \\
 +**Description:​** \\ 
 +The course takes a systematic approach to cryptography and answers
 +questions such as: "If I have a secure hash-function,​ can I build a
 +public-key encryption scheme?"​ That is, instead of looking at specific
 +constructions of cryptographic primitives such as AES, RSA, Sha-1
 +etc., we define (mathematically) and relate (mathematically)
 +cryptographic tasks such as one-way functions, public-key encryption,
 +signatures, pseudo-random generators, pseudo-random functions and
 +zero-knowledge proofs in a systematic and generic way.
 +**Pre-requisites:​** \\ Most important is that you are open to mathematical
 +reasoning. Besides, it's good if you know that the notion of algorithm
 +can be formalized (e.g., as a Turing maschine) and if you are open to
 +think about probabilities. The lecture "​Computability and Complexity"​
 +is helpful, but not required. If you have any questions regarding your
 +background, please let me know. \\
 +You do not need number theory. We will only look at concrete
 +cryptography as "​examples"​.
 +**Study courses**
 +  * CSBS
 +  * IIWBS
 +  * TMBS
 +**Times & Rooms:** \\
 +Lecture: Monday, 10:00 - 11:30, A-0.01 \\
 +Exercise: Monday, 11:30 - 13:00, A-0.01
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