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-===== NERD-BAR ​===== +====== nerdBar ======= 
-Our new eventthe nerd-bar will take place **every Tuesday** in the **Asta-Café** ​of the TUHH (Building ​A). If you have passed our stand at the summer festivalyou might already know one or the other of our cocktails, ​which we have in our repertoire every Tuesday. In addition ​to tasty cocktails, there is fresh tapped beerStarting **at 6pm**, so you can end the university day and for those who want to go to the university cinema in the evening, we are still here after! Come and join us! \\+{{ :nerdBar.jpg?​direct&​300|Campusplan}} 
 +The nerdBar takes place every second ​**Tuesday** from **18:00 o'​clock** in the **AStA-Café**((building ​A, east wing)). There will be draught beerlong drinks and cocktails, ​and snacks ​to eatThe menu varies every two weeks and you can see what to expect at the next appointment on [[https://​de-de.facebook.com/​fsretit|Facebook]]. 
 +\\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +<​html><​table style="​margin:​20;​width:​50%;">​ 
 +<​tr><​th style="​text-align:​center;​font-size:​1.3em">​HAPPY HOUR</​th><​tr>​ 
 +<​tr><​td style="​text-align:​center;"><​b>​von 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr <br /> alle Cocktails/​Longdrinks 2€</​b></​td><​tr>​ 
-Best regards\\ 
-Your FSR ET / IT 
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