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Committee Work

We're providing representatives for most of the university's committees:

  • Studiendekanatsausschuss (SDA) Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics
    • The SDA decides about important department internal matters, e.g. applications for funding, semester contribution utilization and changing the curriculum (election on Jan 1st)
  • Joint Committee on Technomathematics (GATM)
    • The GATM consists of members of the TUHH and the University of Hamburg and decides on all topics concerning the course of studies Technomathematics. (Elected on April 1)
  • Examination Boards (PA)
    • The examination boards decide about applications regarding exams, e.g. appeal an exam result or recognition of credits (election on Jan 1st)
  • Committee for Objections and Appeals (WA)
    • If an examination board's decision is appealed against twice, the WA makes the final decision (election on Jan 1st)
  • Student Parliament (StuPa)
    • The Student Parliament is the highest level of student representatives. It appoints the AStA, is authorized to issue directives to it and enacts its internal regulations as well as its budget. It passes changes of the election procedure and appoints representatives for several other committees. (elected on the FSR's consitutive meeting)
  • Appointment Commission
    • For every vacant professorship that is to be occupied, an appointment commission is constituted, which conducts the appointment procedure. For each commission, the FSR provides one representative.

Applications to the following committees should be received by the chair at least one week before the meeting (for PAs, by the responsible Examination Office clerk and)

Elected members

Board Representative Deputy Representative Chair Next Meeting
SDA Alexandra Schirrmacher Gilles Jacqui Prof. Bauch Every 3rd Wednesday
GATM Carolin Dönnebrink Lara Meyn Prof. Taraz
PA ET/MM Jonathan Egwuatu Simon Thoma Prof. Kölpin
PA IIW/CI/CS/ICS/DS Simon Kopischke Julian Schuler Prof. Schlaefer
PA TM Tjorben Wanner Sandra Gallasch Prof. Le Borne
WA ET/MM Timm Langendörfer Tristan Janfeld
WA IIW/CI/CS/ICS Joelle Hohwiller Tim Malich
WA TM Frederik Eberhard Evgenij Salnikov
StuPa Luis Herberg Felix Röver
Tim Malich Tjorben Wanner

Stand 10.06.2024

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