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Welcome to the TUHH

You have landed on the website of the Student Council ET/IT. We, the Fachschaftsrat, or FSR for short, are the elected representation of the courses of study combined in the Fachschaft.
This page is mainly for those who are just starting their first bachelor semester at TUHH. If you have studied before and transferred to TUHH, or are starting your master's degree here, you will find useful information about studying at TUHH here.
If you are interested in a study program, please have a look here. You can find all information about the application on the Page for prospective students of the TUHH.
We tried to get the links on this page in english, for some it sadly wasn't possible though.

Is this the right place for me?

You are in the right place if you are studying or interested in one of the subjects of our student council.

Bachelor and Master.

  • ET: Electrical Engineering
  • IIW: Computer Engineering
  • CS: Computer Science
  • TM: Technomathematics (bachelor's degree only)
  • DS: Data Science

International Master's degree programs

  • MM: Microelectronics and Microsystems
  • ICS: Information and Communication Systems

The study, from the bridge course to the first exam

Below we want to give you a guide for your first semester and answer questions you might not even know you want to ask.

Basic internship

The basic internship must be completed by the time you begin your bachelor's thesis in IIW and ET.
It is much more relaxed if you complete the basic internship before you start your studies, because there are no semester breaks at the TUHH, instead the exams are during the lecture-free period.

But don't worry, most students have done their internship during their studies and it's definitely no downfall if you don't make it before then.

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Duration: 10 weeks (divisible, see internship regulations)
Internship Regulations

The Internship Office for ET and IIW is supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Görschwin Fey (head of the IIW program)

For the study program Technomathematics no basic internship is required!

Computer Science
For Computer Science no basic internship is required! The curriculum, however, requires a six-week internship in the 5th semester. Computer Science Internship Regulations

The “internship office” for Computer Science is the lecturers of the same. They supervise the internship and usually recognize it.

Since internships are always a big topic, we have also put together some additional information on our site. You can find it here: grundpraktikum.

Bridge courses

Your studies will begin in a relaxed manner with the bridge courses at the beginning of October. We strongly recommend that you attend the bridge courses. They offer a very good opportunity to refresh your math skills. In addition, you will be introduced to the IT infrastructure of the TUHH and receive important information, such as your access to the TU network. Furthermore, the bridge courses offer you the opportunity to get to know your future fellow students.

During the pre-course you will also get the first contact to the AStA and to us.

All information, as well as dates for the individual bridge courses can be found here.

German or English? If you study Computer Science or Data Science, you should attend the English bridge course, there you will directly meet people from your study program. If you study IIW, ET or TM, you should go to the German course.

Orientation unit

The next step is the orientation unit (OU). We will organize this for you. After the bridge courses there will be an official semester opening ceremony (information about this in the freshman calendar). Here we will announce how the following week will be organized.

All dates and further information about the OE can be found here.

During the OE week, the StartING kick-off event will also take place. StartING is a semester-long program for first-year students that you are strongly encouraged to attend. More information can be found on the StartING homepage.


How to create your timetable is explained in StartING, alternatively you can always come to us and ask.

There are two tools for lecture planning. One is Tune, the other is Stud.IP. For both you need your computer center account. You will receive this account together with your semester ticket and other documents by mail after enrollment. If you have problems with Tune, don't worry, it's the same for everyone :(

In case of emergency you can contact us, we are always happy to help you!

Tune is managed by TUHH and contains all events of TUHH. This information is binding.

In Stud.IP, however, the information is provided directly by the institutes. Most institutes make use of this possibility, but individual lectures may be missing. Many lecture notes are also made available in Stud.IP.

If there are discrepancies between the two platforms, the information in Stud.IP is usually correct. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ask in this case.

Exam registrations

For Electrical Engineering, Imformatic Engineering, Computer Science and Data Science you will be automatically registered for Math 1. You cannot opt out of the exam.
**For all other exams you have to register yourself!

You do this via Tune as described here. There you will also find the registration deadline and for which exams you are already registered. Deregistration is also done via Tune.

Please note that registration and deregistration for exams are subject to a deadline. Registrations are normally open for two weeks. You can deregister up to two days before the exam.

TIP: If you have not registered or deregistered in time, go to the examination office immediately. If the deadline has just passed, chances are good that it is still possible to register or deregister.

Information about the time and place of the exams as well as the registration period can be found hier.

Any questions?

Last but not least, you can find a lot of information on other TUHH pages. To keep an overview, here is a small list of useful links.

And you can also contact us directly under kontakt.

If you made it this far, we wish you good luck for your studies!

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