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What is the FSR?

The ET/IT Student Council (FSR) is there to represent the interests of its student body towards the university and in its committees. All students of the degree programmes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science (Computational Informatics), Technomathematics and some International Master's degree programmes belong to the ET/IT student council. It consists of 12 members elected in December and a number of volunteers. No election is required to join the FSR.

The FSR meets every Wednesday, approximately every two to three weeks, to discuss current problems and tasks. If there are 6 or more elected members, the FSR has a quorum at these meetings; non-elected members can also take part in the discussions. In order to receive invitations to meetings, please register for our helper mailing list.

Twice a year there is a student council plenary meeting. On this date, all lectures are cancelled and all students of the student council meet to be informed by the FSR about current events and to raise their own concerns. You will be informed of the dates by email. It's always worth coming!

We organise regular events, especially the orientation session at the beginning of the new winter semester, but also barbecues in summer, a Christmas party and much more. We provide representatives for various TUHH committees and talk directly to the professors when problems arise.


The ET/IT student council is there to represent the interests of the students of the student council.

There are therefore 1-2 responsible members in the FSR for the various areas of responsibility:

  • Chair
  • Supervised learning
  • Awareness
  • Events
  • Representatives for the individual committees (e.g. Dean of Studies Committee, Examination Board, Appeals Committee, Student Parliament)
  • Organisation of the OU week
  • Finances
  • Administration and technology
  • PR
  • Merchandise
  • Beverage purchasing
  • Company contacts
  • Exams

The current distribution of tasks can be seen in the list of members.

Our goals

  • Improve the quality of teaching
  • Make studying easier
  • Improve the student experience
  • Pass on information to students
  • Represent students
  • Total control of the AStA, StuPa
  • Represent study programmes of the student council externally
  • World domination
  • And of course have fun :)


As mentioned above, we sit on many committees, talk to the professors and keep in contact with you as much as possible in order to represent your interests as well as possible.


  • Receiving information
    • by students
    • by the Dean of Studies Committee (SDA) and examination boards (by means of a report from the student representatives)
    • by AStA, other FSRe, StuPa
  • and consequences thereof
    • Discussions with professors
    • Motions in the SDA
    • Organisation of events
  • Maintenance and improvement of study and examination regulations
  • Representation at the Federal Faculty Conference of Electrical Engineering (Conferences)
  • Representation of the degree programme at the Open Day


  • WWW, Newsletter, Stud.IP
  • First semester OU
  • Events (e.g. barbecue, excursions)
  • General assemblies

Help us

With so many projects and tasks, it's clear that we can only get everything done if we regularly have committed new recruits. You can help in the following ways:

  • The simplest way to help is to let us know about acute problemsthat cannot be solved personally with the professor, communicate.
  • You can even volunteer as a free helper who comes to the meeting sporadically and takes on a specific task or helps with larger projects such as the orientation unit and other events.
  • The optimum is the election to the FSR (at the beginning of December). As a rule, an elected full member has at least one area of responsibility and regularly attends the meeting, which may result in further short-term „jobs“ (e.g. Prof talk) at their own discretion.
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