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What is an "FSR" and what does it do?

FSR is short for Fachschaftsrat, which is German for student representatives. As such, we represent the students' interests before the university and in its committees. As FSR ET/IT we represent all students of of department E which consist of anyone enrolled in Microelectronics and Microsystems, Information and Communication Systems, Information and Media Technologies, Communication and Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Technomathematics. The student representatives consist of 12 members, elected by the department's students in May, as well as non-elected members. You do not have to be elected to be a part of the FSR!

We meet every second to third Wednesday and discuss the latest topics and issues revolving around the university and our department. If six or more members are present, a meeting is quorate. Non-elected members and guests are welcome to give input and take part in the discussions. To receive meeting invitations, sign up for our helper distribution list.

Twice a year, a plenary meeting is convened. On the meeting's date, all other lectures are cancelled and the department's students gather to be informed about the latest events, important future events and to bring forward concerns and questions of their own. You will receive an invitation via e-mail. It's always worth to show up!

We take care of regular events, like the student orientation at the start of each winter semester, but also several barbecues in the summer, a Christmas party and exciting field trips. We provide representatives for all the university's committees and talk to professors directly in case of problems.

For every of the different functions there are 1-2 members responsible:

  • Chairman
  • Supervised Learning
  • Representatives in Committees (e.g. Studiendekanatsausschuss, Examination Board, Committee for Objections and Appeals, Student Parliament)
  • Orientation-Week's organization
  • Finances
  • Administration and technics
  • Public relations
  • Merchandise
  • Watering Plants

The current appointment can be seen on the elected members list.


The student representatives main function is to represent the students' interests.

Our Goals

  • Improve the teaching's quality
  • Facilitate studies
  • Improve your studying experience
  • Spread information
  • Represent students
  • Monitor AStA and StuPa
  • Represent our department's degree courses
  • Having fun :)
  • World Domination :))



  • Gathering information
    • from Students
    • from Studiendekanatsausschuss (SDA) and Examination Boards
    • from AStA, other student representatives, StuPa
  • and take action based on those information
    • talk to professors
    • SDA applications
    • arrange events
  • Maintenance and improvement of Course and Examination Regulations
  • Representation at the BundesFachschaftenTagung der Elektrotechnik (Federal Electrical Engineering Student Representatives Convention)
  • Display and representation of our degree courses on open day.


  • WWW, Social Media, Stud.IP
  • Freshmen Orientation
  • Events(e.g. supervised learning, BBQ, field trips)
  • Plenary Meetings


To accomplish the plethora of tasks we put ourselves up to, we're always looking for people to assist us and to contribute to our work. There are several ways you can contribute:

  • An easy but very important way to contribute is to tell us about pressing problems, that you are unable to solve yourself.
  • You can become a freelancer, attend meetings as you see fit, assume a position or take part in organizing greater projects like the student orientation.
  • The Optimum being to run for office in the elections in May. As elected member you usually assume at least one position, attend meetings regularly, whereby you most likely will take on smaller “jobs”, e.g. talking to a professor, as well.
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