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Student Representatives Conventions

There are regular gatherings of student representatives from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We regularly attend the Konferenz der Informatikfachschaften (KIF) as well as the Bundesfachschaftentagung Elektrotechnik (BuFaTa ET). We even hosted the latter at the TUHH in 2012. The biannual conventions serve the mutual exchange of experience, joint discussions of problems and adoption of resolutions.

Here is an overview of the conventions we attended since 2010:

Datum Tagung Ausrichter Protokolle
WiSe 23/24 93. BuFaTa ET HS/TU München Protokoll
Sose 23 51,0 KIF Uni Bremen Protokoll
Sose 19 47,0 KIF TU Dresden Protokoll
Sose 18 46,0 KIF Uni Bremen Protokoll
WiSe 17/18 81. BuFaTa ET HS München Protokoll
Sose 17 45,0 KIF Uni Regensburg Protokoll
WiSe 16/17 79. BuFaTa ET TU Wien Protokoll
SoSe 14 74. BuFaTa ET TU Berlin & HTW Berlin Protokoll
SoSe 13 72. BuFaTa ET Uni Karlsruhe Protokoll
KIF 41,0 Uni Kiel Protokoll
Wise 12/13 71. BuFaTa ET TU München Protokoll
SoSe 12 70. BuFaTa ET TU Hamburg-Harburg Protokoll
Wise 11/12 69. BuFaTa ET FernUni Hagen Protokoll
SoSe 11 KIF 39,0 Uni Hamburg Protokoll
Wise 10/11 67. BuFaTa ET HS Regensburg Protokoll
SoSe 10 66. BuFaTa ET Uni Siegen Protokoll
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