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We like to barbecue and we like to do it often. Be it summer, autumn or spring. Depending on the season we also offer mulled wine now and then. Food and drinks are always priced student-friendly.
At any barbecue we will offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives, such as corn cobs with garlic butter and mushrooms stuffed with feta cheese.

Angrillen & Abpunschen

  • Our first barbecue in spring where we also serve mulled wine.

Summer BBQ

  • Our biggest barbecue takes place in summer down at the TU pond.

Applicants BBQ

  • Also in summer, we invite our department's new applicants to barbecue with us.

Abgrillen & Anpunschen

  • The last barbecue and the first mulled wine in autumn.


  • Mulled wine and biscuits as well as our traditional homemade chili.

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