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GameING - FSR ET/IT's LAN Party

Every semester the GameING takes place at the TUHH. During summer semesters mostly on one of the may weekends, in winter semesters mostly around November/December. The GameING is for all TUHH students and friends. Entry is free, though a deposit of 10 € may be required, which which will be returned to you upon leaving the LAN party (possible at any hour), if your place is left clean and garbage-free.

We'll arrange the rooms, depending on the number of participants. Therefore, we ask you to register, so there will be enough tables, chairs and space overall.
If late lectures on Friday prevent you from getting your computer from home in time, you may deposit it in our office (E 0.097) during the day. Note that we do not assume responsibility and anything left in our office will be at your own risk! Leaving your computer in our office over the weekend is not possible.

GameING WiSe 22/23


now unlocked!
The registration is only for people who will be gaming on site. Please not sign up if you just want to watch, or play in online games over the internet.

After registration you will receive a mail with a link for confirmation. Without this confirmation you are not registered.
If you did not receive a mail, please check your spam folder (ALL of them) and contact gameing.


Begin: 08.06.2018 6 p.m.
End: 09.06.2018 10 a.m.
Where: Building A, studentisches Zentrum
don't forget: Headset, minimum 10m LAN cable, powerstrip and 2 Euro returnable deposit
E-mail: gameing

If you have questions or suggestions, you can write an e-mail to gameing ATFSR, or take a look at the forums


Once again we will offer tournaments in cooperation with the Hamburg Sharks! We play League of Legends and CS GO. Just enter your team during registration, you will receive a link to the registration in the confirmation mail. There will be prizes for the winners, so give it your all! If you don't have a team yet, but still want to participate in a tournament you can try to find members on our Discord Server.

In addition, we want to host a Minecraft and TTT server for the GameING this time, on which everyone can play of course.

TeamSpeak Server

Thanks to the kind support of TeamSpeak we will host a TeamSpeak 3 server for the period of GameING. Here you can talk, coordinate and much more. If you have any questions, you can also find us there, so feel free to contact us!

You can download the TeamSpeak 3 client here.

TS3 Server


You don't want to miss the next LAN party under any circumstances? Then you may want to subscribe to this newsletter. The newsletter will send you a timely reminder of when the next LAN takes place (and nothing else, i.e. no spam).


Q: Will there be an internet connection on the LAN?
A: Yes, there is, though, it will not be possible to connect to local servers from outside the LAN network (Local area network? Seriously?).

Q: Are all ports for my favorite games forwarded?
A: The most common ports for the lots of popular games are. A list of games and clients can be found here. If your game is not on the list, write an email to gameing including game and ports.

Q: What's gonna be played?
A: You decide! Popular games are: StarCraft 2, League of Legends, DotA 2, Counter-Strike 1.6/GO, Unreal Tournament 99, Quake 3 Arena, Age of Empires 2, Warcraft 3 and many more.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
A: Yes, you'll have to. But no toasters / water boilers / hotplates etc. please.

Q: May I bring other electrical devices such as a sandwich maker or an electric kettle?
A: Nope. Any electric device that is not used for gaming is strictly forbidden, so do yourself a favor and leave them at home in the first place.

Q: Do I have to bring my own peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor)?
A: Not necessarily. It depends on whether you want to be able to operate your computer.

Q: We would like an own room as a tournament team. What shall we do?
A: As a team, you should register under the same team-name and bring €20 as security for the room.

Q: As a team, we need a switch in our room. Could we borrow one?
A: Yes. For a security of €5 you can borrow from us a switch for your room for the tournament.

Q: What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
A: 42

Q: Why does this FAQ only consist of nine questions?
A: Now there are ten.

past GameINGs

Date PPL
WiSe 19/20 11th January 120
SoSe 2019 17th May 100
SoSe 2018 08th June 100
WiSe 17/18 10th November 150
SoSe 2017 19th May 115
WiSe 16/17 18th November 170
SoSe 2016 3rd June 180
WiSe 15/16 20th November 170
SoSe 2015 5th June 82
WiSe 14/15 14th November 130
SoSe 2014 22nd May 66
WiSe 13/14 22nd November 120
SoSe 2013 31st May 80
WiSe 12/13 30th November 100
SoSe 2012 8th June 44
WiSe 11/12 9th Dezember 75


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