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Supervised learning

The Faschaftsrat ET/IT offers additional tutorials for several lectures every semester to make it easier for you to study for these exams and to give you the opportunity to ask specific questions. The tutorials take place during the exam period, usually as a block event a few days before the respective exam.


The dates and rooms of the offered subjects can be found for you in our StudIP event! Here is the link to it: Supervised Learning FSR ET/IT. It is required to register for the respective events under Participants → Groups, as this helps us to know who is participating for our hygiene concept. It also helps us to get a good overview of how many people to expect

The tutorials will take place on site, the corresponding rooms are noted on the StudIP page. Please read our hygiene concept beforehand.

In addition
Supervised learning organized by the FSR AIW/GES and interesting for you:
Website of the FSR AIW/GES
Every Monday: 9:45 - 11:15 until the end of the lecture period in room A 0.37

Supervised learning

Subject Date
Numerical Mathematics 1 03.02. - 04.02.
Control Systems Theory and Design 05.02. - 06.02.
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals & EE 2 & EE 3 05.02. - 07.02.
Algorithms and Data Structures 07.02. - 08.02.
Procedrual Programming 10.02. - 12.02.
Computer Science for Engineers - Introduction and Overview 02.03. - 04.03.
Electrical Engineering 1 15.03. - 17.03.
Computer Engineering 24.03.


-Updated on 27.01.2024-

Subject Date


The only requirement is that you have mastered all the material in the subject and can explain it to others.


You will help students complete exams and exercises and answer general questions about the material.

You will work on exercises and exams from the lecture and ask questions about the lecture material. You should be prepared for these. If necessary, sample solutions or other material will be provided.

Working hours

Times: 10:00-18:00 incl. 30 min break\. Payment: 14€/h. You don't have to fill out an application in advance and the payment usually doesn't collide with BaFöG or similar. Additionally we pay 2h preparation time per day.

If you are interested, simply send an email to frederik or

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