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Orientation unit 2024

This year there will once again be an orientation unit (OU for short) for all first-semester students. The OU is a one-week period right at the beginning of your studies during which you get to know the university and your fellow students. We, your student council, organise the OU for you.

This year we have once again created a Signal group for you first-semester students. You can make contacts there in advance and we will also post all the information all the information about the upcoming events. So feel free to join the group.

Signal group ← click on it or scan the QR code.


The (highly recommended) bridge courses start at the 30th of september at 9:00 in the Audimin (former Audimax 2). The locations will be announced on the linked page.
These will continue until the start of the orientation session. Especially the IT introduction (e.g. WLAN and printing at the university) on the first day is very important.
On Thursday 10 October 2024 we will meet for the first time at the semester opening ceremony and the first semester welcome. There will be no lectures for you in the OU week from 14 October 2024. It will be filled with events of all kinds. Among other things, there will be a rally through Harburg, a campus tour and a nerdBar so that you can get to know the university grounds, the district and your new fellow students. All our events will take place on the TU Hamburg campus in Hamburg-Harburg. The best way to get there by public transport is via the S3 and S5 stations Harburg-Rathaus or Heimfeld. Next to the schedule is a map of the university of the university so that you can always find us.

The serious side of life doesn't start for you until 21 October 2024, when your regular lectures begin (tutorials usually start a week later).

Preliminary overview of dates

Event date Event date Time of day Building, room
Wed. 02.10. Inter-faculty games evening 18:00 LuK
Tue. 08.10. Inter-faculty get-to-know-each-other evening 18:00 LuK
Thu. 10.10. Semester opening ceremony 14:00 Friedrich-Ebert Hall
Fri. 06.10. Student Council Welcome + Chilli Dinner following the semester opening ceremony (approx. 15:30) Audimax 2
Fri. 11.10. Student council evening 18:00 LuK
Mon. 14.10. First lecture 8:30 Audimax 1
Mon. 14.10. Brett and Breakfast after the first lecture (approx. 09:30) LuK
Mon. 14.10. Harburg-Rallye 15:00 in front of building E
Tue. 15.10. StartING@TUHH Kick-off 10:00 Audimax 1
Tue. 15.10. Handcart tour 16:00 in front of building E
Wed. 16.10. Campus tour 11:00 in front of building E
Wed. 16.10. Beer Yoga 15:00 LuK
Wed. 16.10. nerdBar 18:00 LuK & AStA Café
Thu. 17.10. Olympiade 11:00 TU pond at the south campus
Thu. 17.10. Barbecue after the Olympics (approx. 13:00) TU pond at the south campus
Thu. 17 Oct. Pub quiz 19:00 D2.022
Mon. 21 Oct. Start of lectures see VVZ -

  • The LuK (Learning and Communication Centre) can be found by entering Building A through the main entrance (facing the street) and walking along the corridor on the left on the ground floor. It is also signposted as the “Student Learning Centre”. Our events take place there in the lounge. You will also find the AStA Café at the end of the corridor on the right-hand side.
  • Room D2.022 can be found in building D on the intermediate level Z3.


Here you will find all specific information on the individual events.
This section will be completed over time. Dates may be subject to change!

Important: Liability! All events organised by the FSR ET/IT are private events, i.e. neither the organisers nor the TUHH are liable. You are taking part at your own risk!


02.10.2024, 18:00, LuK
FüSa, the interdisciplinary games evening. See FüKa, but this time with board games.


08.10.2024, 18:00, LuK
First-year students from all degree programmes meet at the LuK for the FüKa, the inter-departmental introductory evening. This is a good opportunity to make contacts outside your own student council.

Semester opening ceremony

10.10.2024, 14:00, Friedrich-Ebert Hall
This is the official welcoming ceremony of the TU Hamburg. You will receive information by e-mail from the university.

Student council welcome

06.10.2024, after the official welcome of the TUHH, Audimax 2
After we have picked you up from the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, we will go with you to Audimax 2 to welcome you there. Afterwards there will be chilli and drinks.

Student council evening

11.10.2024, from 17:00, LuK (Building A)
We invite everyone from our student council to spend the evening together. There will be some snacks and plenty of drinks. Take some small change with you.

First lecture

14 October 2024, 8:30 am, Audimax 1
Dr Seifert will welcome you to your first lecture at the TU Hamburg. As this is an important foundation for studying engineering at TUHH, you should definitely turn up and take notes!

Board and Breakfast

14.10.2024, following the 1st lecture (approx. 9:30 am)
We want to have a delicious breakfast with you over a few board games. Feel free to bring your favourite game…

Harburg Rally

14.10.2024, 15:30 in front of building E (outside, entrance II)
Here you will be sent out in teams and can answer tricky questions along the way and visit our stations to collect points! You will compete against each other in the classic way and at the end there will be a prize for the best team. Everything takes place in Harburg and drinks are provided by us. Please remember to bring weatherproof clothing and possibly umbrellas, as you will have to walk a lot to reach our stations. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday before the pub quiz, where the winners will be announced and the prizes presented.

StartING@TUHH Kick-off

15 October 2024 10:00 - 12:15, Audimax 1
At the StartING@TUHH kick-off, the tutorial groups will be formed after a short welcome. You will then go directly to smaller rooms for the first meeting with your tutors and your group. Here you will receive the most important information for the first week and then know who is in the group with you.

Handcart tour

15.10.2024, 16:00, in front of building E
On Wednesday evening, we will set off with our handcart on the long journey to the Reeperbahn, where the Ersti Party will probably take place afterwards. An absolute highlight every year!

Campus tour

16.10.2024, 11:00 am, in front of building E
So that you can get to know the TU Hamburg campus better, we will take a campus tour in several small groups. Meeting is in front of the E building of the TU Hamburg.

Beer Yoga

16.10.2024, 15:00, LuK
Have you always wanted to combine beer and sport? Then you've come to the right place. Bring a yoga mat or a large towel and wear comfortable clothes (jogging bottoms or leggings). Of course you can also take part without alcohol (but it's less fun ;D).


16.10.2024, 18:00, LuK & AStA Cafe
Our classic bar! This time we're holding it with karaoke for you. We don't sell real food at our bar, so be prepared to either eat something beforehand, take something with you or buy something from a snack bar of your choice in the vicinity of the university (tips can be obtained from any FSR member). Cheers!


17.10.2024, 11:00 am, at the pond on the south campus
At the Olympics, you can compete against each other in teams of four people in a series of small games and win fame, honour and prizes.


17.10.2024, after the Olympics approx. 13:00, TU pond at the south campus
There will be a barbecue :P

Welcome of the TM students

tba, tba, D.1023
This event is exclusively for students of Technomathematics. Here you will get to know your future lecturers and receive important information about your degree programme.

Pub Quiz

19 October 2024, 19:00, D2.022
In the pub quiz you will have to answer several questions from different categories in groups of 5. The group that has answered the most questions correctly at the end of the quiz wins! A little special: There will probably be a few professors who you will certainly meet during your studies!

OE trip 2024

The OE trip is voluntary and takes place at the end of the OE week. The trip runs from Fri 18.10.24 until Sun. 20.10.24. We will be back at the TUHH on Sunday around 16:00. Thanks to financial support from the university and the TUHH Alumni and Sponsors Association, the weekend will only cost you tbaall inclusive. In addition, all those who register quickly enough will receive an official student council shirt. The trip is very popular and usually booked out quickly!

Registration: tba The start of enrolment will be announced during the welcome ceremony for first-year students.

Where are you travelling to?

This time the trip goes to tba. All we can say is that it's a destination in northern Germany, where we'll be staying in “suitable accommodation”.
Yes, there is running water and electricity!

Important: Liability! This is a private trip, i.e. neither the organisers nor the TUHH are liable. You are travelling at your own risk!


  • Start: Fr. 18.10.24 at 09 am at the TUHH in front of building E
  • End: Sun. 20.10.24 around 3 pm at the TUHH in front of building E
  • Destination: tba
  • Price: tba Euro all incl.
  • Registration: tba

What do I need to bring?

  • Catering: Breakfast for Friday, otherwise: We will be cooked for!
  • Bed linen: Please bring your own bed linen (sheets and pillow cases). (Attentionno sleeping bags!)
  • ClothingSturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing and swimwear. We will be out and about.
  • Hygiene: Remember toothbrush, towels, etc.
  • Writing utensils & calculator: We will have to write a test to complete the preliminary course and statistical surveys.
  • ID and co.: Please bring both your student card and your identity card (or a comparable document such as a passport or driving licence).

Am I missing something?

NoOnly if you are not travelling with us!
During the OE trip there are no further events are planned planned at the university. That means you either come along or you'll be bored at home! :-)

We are looking forward to many participants!


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