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Angrillen & Abpunschen 2023

Even though it was a little bit later this year, we had our barbecue again. This year we could not, as usual, barbecue at the pond, because there was construction work and had to move to the square in front of the LuK, where we served the food this time not on a paper plate but in rolls fresh from the bakery. We noticed that our vegetable skewers were particularly well received and we will of course keep them in mind for the next barbecue. We hope you had fun and enjoyed it.


Angrillen & Abpunschen 2022

Finally it was time again! After 2 years of pandemic and a lot of exams we could celebrate our world-famous Angrillen and Abpunschen. Many hungry and even more thirsty mouths were stuffed. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and that we can meet you again at our next party. Your FSR ET/IT

BBQ season start of 2019

You put the script away, closed the laptop and looked outside… the sun was shining. A light breeze blew around the people's noses, spreading the scent of freshly grilled food. So we wooed you to our big “BBQ season start of 2019” at the TU pond. Your bellies demanded grilled sausages, meat and corn and your liver called for beer and sometimes soft drinks, while your wallet was happy about the student-friendly prices. We read your wishes from your eyes, so you all came and celebrated with us. Come again next time. Your FSR ET/IT

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