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Anonymous message to the awareness team

You can send us a message anonymously using the contact form below.

This message will be sent as an email to the 1st and 2nd board of the FSR ET/IT, the awareness person and the nerdBar boss.

If you need urgent help, please contact the person in the orange waistcoat or the bar team in person, as we may not read your email in the short term.

You can find more information on the topic of awareness under the contact form.

Our awareness team, recognisable at events by the orange waistcoats, is there for you if you have a problem, feel harassed or harassed or are worried about another person.

Even if you “just” have a bad feeling: we are there for you and will take care of any concerns.

We do not tolerate harassment, abuse or violence of a verbal, physical, sexual or any other kind and are not afraid to exclude people from the event if they disregard our rules.

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