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evenING - The Company Contact Event

On a regular basis we organize company contact evenings in close co-operation with Verein der Hamburger Ingenieure der Elektro- und Informationstechnik (HITECH) e.V.. On these, we invite a company from the ET/IT sector to give a lecture on the company's activities as well as career possibilities. Afterwards there will be a get-together, featuring a sumptuous buffet, where you have the opportunity to socialize and establish contacts with the company's representatives in a casual environment. Naturally, the entire evening is completely free.

We will tell you which language the lecture will be held in. If you wish for a German lecture to be held in English, please request this in advance. Chances are that this is possible if requested in time. Also, all company representatives speak English.

Past evenINGs
Bosch 2019
Workplace Solutions 2018
Viscom 2018
mgm technology partners 2017
Flughafen Hamburg 2017
Viscom 2016
SSW Trading 2015
mgm technology partners 2014
Dräger 2014
STILL 2014
GE Germany 2013
mgm technology partners 2013
Hamburg Energie 2012
Autoliv 2012
IAT 2012
BASF 2011
Silver Atena 2011
Dräger 2010

 evenING mit GE Germany 2013 Verein der Hamburger Ingenieure der Elektro- und Informationstechnik (HITECH) e.V. evenING mit STILL 2014

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