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Applicant barbecue

On August 25th we again had our applicants' barbecue for this year's freshmen. Due to a thunderstorm warning we spontaneously moved the actual event to the N-building and left the barbecue under a small pavilion at the pond. Despite all this, we were pleased to have numerous visitors, including some professors. Since the sky remained clear throughout the day, we were able to bring everything outside in the evening and continue talking and celebrating with you there. We hope you had as much fun as we did and were able to get a good first impression of our university.

Summer barbecue

On July 20th we held our summer barbecue again. Despite a smaller group at the beginning, it had developed over the day into a nice barbecue as usual, where we had lots to eat and drink.


On July 07th from 6pm our LAN party took place again. This time there was a cast LoL tournament and again the couch tournament, like last year. It was an awesome evening and we hope you had as much fun as we did!


This year again, the nerdBar was at the summer party on 14.6. and offered not only the well-known cocktails, but also many drinks created especially for the summer party. As one of the biggest events at the TU, we also made our contribution and quenched the thirst of the visitors. Atmosphere, mood and weather were top and we are looking forward to serving you again next year.

Angrillen & Abpunschen 2023

Even though it was a bit later this year, we had our barbecue again. This year we couldn't barbecue at the pond, as usual, because construction work was going on there. We had to move to the square in front of the LuK, where this time we served the barbecue food in rolls fresh from the bakery instead of on a paper plate. We especially noticed that our vegetable skewers went down particularly well, which we will of course keep in mind for the next barbecue. We hope you had fun and enjoyed the food.

NerdBar at the Asta Ball

We had Fancy outfits, good music and a lot of fun at the Asta Ball on April 14th. Drinks were provided by our NerdBar and many hard-working helpers and it was a great success. We were happy to see so many of you there and hopefully there will be a next time:)

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