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GameING - The LAN-Party of the FSR-ET/IT

On January 19th and 20th, our LAN party took place again in the LuK of the TUHH. Compared to the last two times, the number of participants increased significantly and we are glad that you enjoyed it. There were also more teams registered for both tournaments than last year. We hope to see you again this summer.

ChristNix 2023

At our ChristNix on December 19th, we were once again able to provide you with plenty of mulled wine and hot dogs. This time we even had cocoa at the start and baked delicious cookies and vanilla crescents. Despite the somewhat cozier atmosphere, we had a great evening and hope you had just as much fun!

Abgrillen & Anpunschen 2023

On November 23, our Abgrillen and Anpunschen took place at the TU pond. As every year, we had all kinds of food from the barbecue and plenty of mulled wine, hot chocolate and punch. The weather didn't quite play along this year and repeatedly surprised us with strong gusts of wind and heavy showers. But we didn't let it get us down, moved a little closer together in the pavilions and kept warm with mulled wine and punch. We are delighted that so many of you were there despite the mixed weather and hope that you enjoyed yourselves!

Student Orientation 2023

Soon the winter semester is starting and with that new students will join TUHH. If you are interested what your first week is going to be like, have a look here: Freshmen Week 2023

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